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Thank You Trade My Bag! Its my first real Louis Vuitton, I got a bag and wallet! I sent you video hope you got it.

(Click Pic Above To See Video )

Vivian P.

Loving my new phone case and bag, thanks for the great deal. Ill be shopping more again soon.

Emma S.

Great start to my vacation, got my new glasses and bag day before I left, Happy Happy I did. Love my new bag and thanks for the coupon code!

Sandy D,

I had a really great experience with Trade My Bag!

Hey, I'll be honest. I was apprehensive at first especially since it was a new site and I did see the PR Newswires, but at first it wasn't much to assuage my apprehension. My fiancé was scared I would be scammed because I usually sell to people I know, but I took a risk and I will say I was VERY happy I did.

Mariko P.

Great deal! I traded a few old bags and purchased 2 new bags! I definitely will be buying again. Love Trade my Bag!

Aggie A.