Our Sustainability Promise At Trade My Bag.

We here at Trade My Bag are very committed to Sustainability

True progress takes continuous and coordinated efforts to create the economic, environmental and social conditions that allow people and communities to thrive. We have strong beliefs that guide us, and we’re putting our beliefs into action.

Despite knowing that luxury bags are priced considerably higher and come for a fortune, women still love to invest in such bags. Why? A simple reason is “sustainability”. Luxury bags are not only many steps above the ordinary bags but are also more sustainable than the ordinary ones. 

The sustainable bags are timeless and superior quality products. If you ask most experts, they will suggest purchasing a sustainable luxury handbag. But what are the true characteristics of sustainable bags? These are the bags made up of highest quality material and lasts longer. When the trend returns after some years, these bags look like new as if they are purchased just now.

We here at Trade My Bag are keeping the sustainability going by offering Pre-Owned bags for resale and trade in, by offering these bags we not only are helping with the cost factor but also with helping the environmental impacts from the materials needed to produce these items new.

                                      Please help Trade My Bag in our effort's for