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Who can qualify for our partnership program?

The Trade My Bag  Bagateer Partnership Program is ideal for shoppers, fashion aficionados and trendy people  who have luxury bags of their own to sell or their friends, Family, colleagues  or clients with handbags they want to sell or trade in. Becoming a Bagateer with Trade My Bag, you can enjoy a great flow of extra income simply by reaching out to your network.

The Bagateer program is a great opportunity  for shoppers, personal shoppers, fashionistas, stylists, salespeople, fashion bloggers, closet & wardrobe organizers, as well as many other fashion professionals.

Our Bagateer Partners Sourcing

Bagateer's source bags from their own closets, storage units, clients closets and any other places they can access through their expanded network. As a Bagateer partner, Trade My Bag will  pay you a commission for every referral that completes a  bag sale to Trade My Bag. 

Bagateer's trading in or selling their own bags do not receive a commission on any transaction with Trade My Bag, they will earn the trade in credit they are entitled to from the trade in or sale to their own account for the transaction. This allows our Bagateer's to earn significant additional income with limited time and effort while maintaining their own schedule.

Dealers & Wholesalers

We  partner with many professional dealers and wholesalers, If you’re able to provide a larger quantity and or recurring quantities, Trade My Bag  will work with you on a one to one basis and work on the best business arrangement for you to work with us.

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