Eye Catching Louis Vuitton Monogram Tote

This Louis Vuitton bag is BEAUTIFUL! 

Its an eye catcher for sure. This authentic Louis Vuitton Sac Ambre Handbag Monogram Vinyl MM showcases a playful design perfect for casual days and eveings out. Quality constructed from brown monogram vinyl and accented with cowhide leather trims, this bag features tortoise shell-patterned lucite straps, protective base studs, and acrylic and gold-tone hardware accents. Its wide top closure opens to a roomy brown monogram vinyl-lined interior with perfect for storing all of your daily essentials.

This bag is definitely one to add to your collection! Remember to always clean and store your Designer Bag properly for many years of use.

1. Avoid placing  your handbag on the floor.
2. Stuff  all yourDesigner bags when not in use.
3. Always Store them in dust bag or box in your closet or protected area.
4. Use bags to protect the lining.
5. Regularly clean the exterior of your bag. Wwipe the exterior of your bag with  alcohol-free baby wipes and also use Leather Cleaner to clean and condition.
6. ALways keep your luxury handbags out of the rain or other water sources.
7. Try not to hang  your bags for extended  periods of time as this can distort the shape of the handles.
8. Always condition your zippers and keep them working smoothly by running a small amount of natural beeswax over a zipper's open teeth.

9. Always use care when storing and be sure the hardware of one bag does not touch another as it could leave a mark.

10. Always show your bag love and caring.

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